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Kibana 4 in Azure Websites.

Kibana 4 is started as a bat-file with its own built in web server. This is one way to make it run in Azure Web Sites.

What has been done is basically just changed the port of Kibana. If you run in as a Azure Website you MUST use port 80. In the files I still have port 3000. This is to allow local testing, done via "node server.js".

In the Kibana.yml file the port is changed to 3000 too, change to 80 when uploading to Azure. Also at the end of the file there is some stuff added to prevent this bug Issue 2617.

Put the downloaded files under the src-directory of Kibana, kibana.yml goes under src/config/. Delete the index.js. Server.js replaces this one.

Upload everything to your Azure Website and your done.

Good Luck!

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