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Azure API Management cont..

So the final step of configuring the API management service was to add the custom domains.

This is quite easy. Open the API management instance from the Azure portal and click on configure. You end up with this screen.

The certificates has to fulfill the same requirements as the one for Azure Websites. That means
The certificate must meet the following requirements for SSL certificates in Azure:

  • The certificate must contain a private key.
  • The certificate must be created for key exchange, exportable to a Personal Information Exchange (.pfx) file.
  • The certificate's subject name must match the domain used to access the web app. If you need to serve multiple domains with this certificate, you will need to use a wildcard value or specify subjectAltName values as discussed previously.
  • The certificate should use a minimum of 2048-bit encryption.

Upload the certificates and click save and your done. My customer can now reach their API Management Portal under their own domain.

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